L’ air d’ailleurs – Bicinium, for saxophone and tape (1997, 8’50)

Les deux ampoules d’un sablier peu à peu se comprennent, for solo and harpe (amplified) (1996, ca. 8’30)

Lexèmes hirsutes, for cello solo (2007, ca. 13′)

A peu près de, for 2 Trumpets (2010, ca. 13’)

Danse polyptote, for accordion and Cello (2012, ca. 9’)

Danse polyptote, for accordion and clarinette (2014, ca. 9’)

Dr. B., for bariton and bassoon, 1996, ca. 16′ – after the Chess Player by Stefan Zweig

Durch, in memoriam Gérard Grisey, for saxophone quartet (1998, ca. 8′)

Sonneries de Cantenac, for 4 Windinstruments with same register (2008, free duration)

Towards the door we never opened, for saxophone quartet (2012, ca.11’)

A propos, for flute, clarinet, violin, Cello & piano (2008, ca. 21’)

[cml_media_alt id='2148'] Risâla fî-l-hob wa fî'lm al-handasa[/cml_media_alt] (small treatise for love and geometrie) for flute, clarinet, tenor sax (or euphonium ad lib.), violin & cello (2003, ca.12’)

Als Gregor and Griselda, canon for six voices (possibly amateurs) (2015, ca. 5′)

A tue-tête, for nine spatialized Windinstruments -without conductor- (2014, 15′)

Après tout, for six singers and six musicians (2012, ca. 45′)

Querwüchsig, for 13 musicians (2007, ca. 12′)

Soliloque sur (X, X, X et X) Commentaries from a computer about a misunderstood concert (2002)

Coïncidences, for ensemble of 35 musicians (1999, ca. 11′)

Hérédo-ribotes, for solo viola and 51 orchestra musicians (2001, ca. 18′)

Pour Orchestre, for big orchestra –unfinished- (2008, ca. 17′)