for vocal and instrumental ensemble- 2012, ca. 45′

Instrumentation: 6 Singer: 2 Sopr., 1 Mezzo-Sopr., 1 Ten., 1 Bar., 1 Bass.; 6 Instruments: 1 Fl., 1 Sax.(S/A/B), 1 Accord., 1 Perc., 1 elec. guit. & 1 vcl.
Ricordi Publisher, score in rent: Sy. 4059

UA: 21. January 2012, Festival Ultraschall Berlin & 22. January 2012, Stuttgart; Neue VocalSolisten Stuttgart & Ensemble 2E2M, cond. Georges-Elie Octors.
  1. Après tout fabien Lévy 47:35


Program note:
How to go on living after all this, regardless of whether you are the child of a victim or the child of an executioner? Could anyone wish, after all, to ask for forgiveness? And in whose name? And to whom? Could anyone allow themselves, after all, to forgive? or rather never to forgive? And to whom? And in whose name?
Taking its starting point from an exchange of letters between Wiard Raveling, a young German high school teacher, and French philosopher Vladimir Jankélévitch, who worked on the moral issue of forgiveness, but paradoxically maintained a relentlessly unforgiving attitude towards Post-War Germany, this piece is a “great theater of forgiveness“ (Derrida), exploring different positions from Jean Amery, Eva Kor, Albert Camus, Jacques Derrida to Friedrich Nietzsche and others without offering definitive answers.