for flute, clarinet, violin, Cello & piano – 2008, ca. 21’
wih or without conductor.

Ricordi Publisher, score in sell: Sy. 3922

Premiere: 19th September 2009, Lucerne Festival, Ensemble Recherche.
Erratum and indications for the musicians [download text-file]

[cml_media_alt id='2148'] Jeff Wall: A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai), 1993[/cml_media_alt]
I.- Les automates intimes de Tim Hawkinson [the intimous automatons by Tim Hawkinson]

II.- Quand Jeff Wall regarde Hokusaï [When Jeff Wall looks at Hokusaï]

III.- Rouge Burri [Burri-Red]

IV.- Rajeunir, par Penone [Rejuvenate, after Penone]

Program note:[cml_media_alt id='2148'] Katsushika Hokusai: Ejiri dans la province de Suruga (36 vues du mont Fuji)[/cml_media_alt]
My little imaginary museum…

In the Arte Povera, an Italian artistic movement born in the turmoil of 1968, I have often felt appreciation for their unique aesthetic position: the political commitment that nevertheless co-exists with a real focus on the autonomy of art; the return to aesthetics without denying conceptual art; the primacy granted to the work of art rather than to the material and techniques used (in particular, the use of “poor” materials such as re-used artificial or natural objects); the playful misuse of Dame Nature; and, finally, their love for the double regard, for ambiguity and for illusion.
Four visual artists illustrate the four movements of „à propos“. With the exception of Giuseppe Penone, these artists do not claim to be part of Arte Povera, but all could belong to it. I appreciate each of them for their aesthetic singularity.

Directional textures; deconstructions of different musical elements – which may be either external references (Etenraku in „II.-Quand Jeff Wall regarde Hokusaï“ [When Jeff Wall looks at Hokusaï]) or quotations from other movements; repurposed instruments; auditory illusions; apparently simple materials that offer multiple interpretations: these album leaves must be listened to with children’s ears.

these album leaves [cml_media_alt id='2148'] Giuseppe Penone: 11-Meter Tree, 1989[/cml_media_alt]must be listened to with children’s ears.

[cml_media_alt id='2148'] Alberto Burri: Grande Rosso, 1964[/cml_media_alt]