for cello solo – 2007, ca. 13′
Ricordi Germany Publisher, score in sell: Sy. 3832

I. Lexèmes hirsutes (ca. 6′), dedicated to Alexis Descharmes
II. Anaphores (ca. 7′), dedicated to Augustin Maurs

Premiere of the short version: Alexis Descharmes, 03/03/07, Cité de la musique, Paris; Premiere of the second movement: Augustin Maurs, 08/01/08, Kulturhaus 73, Hamburg;

Program note:
Lexème [Engl.: lexeme] <lɛ.ksɛm>, noun: a basic lexical unit of a language, consisting of one word or several words, considered as an abstract unit, and applied to a family of words related by form or meaning. For instance: gliss-, whistl-, oct-, craz- (radical lexeme) ; squash, crush, press, bow (autonomous lexeme).

hirsute [Engl.: shaggy] <iʁ.syt>, adjective: (of hair or fur) long, thick, and unkempt.

Anaphore [Engl.: anaphor], noun: a word or phrase that refers to an earlier word or phrase.