For four manuals organ played with four hands (and four feet) – 2022, ca. 18′
Edition Peters

Dedicated to Susanne Kujala & Eckhard Manz

Premiere: 25 june 2022, Bishopchurch St-Martin, Kassel, opening concert of the festival Brandneu 2022, Susanne Kujala & Eckhard Manz.

Program Note:
Adverbial locutions in French, which I often use as titles, often have the wonderful characteristic of containing several meanings. Jusqu’à peu means both until recently and until barely or until a little. The piece is indeed a crisis composition: covid crisis, midlife crisis, Ukrainian crisis, climate crisis. All these crises, which have been lining up in a new pace for the last few years, have comparable characteristics: They emerge slowly, without being expected, and then explode in an uncontrolled way, often leaving a bitter and disillusioning aftertaste, if not despair, death and destruction. The climate crisis will perhaps be the last of these crises, challenging notions of human progress and perhaps leading to ultimate extinction. Written for one of the most sophisticated instruments in human music, the piece remains on the symbolic level of these different crises, but follows the form and spirit of this emergence and decline.