For six car horns (originally six ship horns, at a slower tempo)- 2020, ca. 8’
Peters Edition, score in sell: EP 14507

Premiere: 19 Juni 2020, Ensemble Recherche, Freiburg.

Cars can be dispersed in space, without seeing each other (beware of the distance due to the speed of sound).

A computer Web-application, webmaestro, and the related file for this piece, is delivered with the score to assist in the exact synchronization of the musicians (visual and audio click-track).

Program note:
What happened to us during the Corona crisis? More generally, what is happening to us? What happens to our planet, to the plant, animal, and mineral species that we live with and exploit without scruples? When will we, apprentices of Prometheus, understand that we are not as powerful as we think we are? That we cannot produce and transform indefinitely without being accountable for what we destroy? That the value of things cannot be reduced to their use value, even less to their exchange value?

Imagine six vehicles, stranded in a crumbling world, which alternate with a touch of irony a dance of exorcization of current anxieties with a funeral song.

11. April 2021, Das neue Ensemble, Steintor, Hannover, Germany.

Orchestre de Dijon